tales for dreamers: essential instructions for weaving a magic carpet and using it well

Did you know you too could weave a magic carpet and fly on it? All you need to do is follow the instructions detailed below!

tales for dreamers: essential instructions for weaving a magic carpet and using it well
tales for dreamers: essential instructions for weaving a magic carpet and using it well

1. Choosing your Colours

First you must choose your yarns.

There are many, many colours to choose from.

Most customers make the mistake of choosing very few colours or only their favourite colours, which they soon outgrow. It is advisable to choose plenty of your favourites but also just as many as the ones that you are not particularly fond of. Choosing too many of one kind will render the carpet unbalanced.

If none of the colours on display bear distinct appeal to your finer taste, we recommend you mix two or more skeins and wait for the colours to transform into surprising new ones.

2. Elements of Design

Once you have chosen your colours, you will need to conjure up a design.

It is recommended that no two of your favourite colours are woven alongside each other, because when the carpet starts to unravel, you do not want all your favourite colours falling out and apart all at once.

(Please note, every carpet is guaranteed to unravel on several occasions in the course of its lifetime; there is no way to avoid such inevitabilities. The sole recourse on such occasions is to slowly put all the threads back together again; you could retrace the original design or create a new one.)

Carpet-weavers are advised to first create only an initial draft of their design and to NOT plan its intricacies in vivid detail for reasons that are elucidated in the section that follows.

3. Weaving the Carpet

When you start to weave, you will find that some, or many, yarns will simply not be woven according to your design.

They will resist and turn and twist in directions other than where you’d like them to go. Some yarns can be browbeaten into submission but this is not at all advisable.

Magical objects have minds of their own, and tampering with their wishes can yield consequences far more frightening than the human mind can conceive.

Our advice is to let the stubborn yarns weave and coil themselves into patterns as they please.
Happy yarns make a happy carpet.
And more often than not, customers have been delighted with the new patterns that their yarns conjure up for them.

4. Flying on the Carpet

Firstly, you must step on to the carpet gently.
No carpet likes to be trampled upon, so please exhibit utmost care and tenderness especially on your first mount.
Ensconce yourself in the centre.

When you are ready, run your fingers gently over the threads and tell the carpet where you would like to go.

When the carpet starts to tremble and quiver, and pretends as if it will knock you off, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
For all the magic carpet asks of you is to have a little faith in its abilities.