i do not wish to become a star

when i die

let me become snow instead

so the snow clouds may carry me

wherever they please

even when i tumble to the ground

from dizzying heights

a million flakes

a billion flakes

i will do so gently

so pure and clean i will be

you will not have the heart

to trample on mine

i will wait for the lone child

to come and press his cheeks to mine

to make snow angels

and bring them to life by the magic of his touch

to make snow balls to hurl into the air

to pack and roll me into a snow-person

or a snow-bear

i will not mind a carrot-nose

or button-eyes or twig-arms

proudly will i stand

until the spring sun thaws me

into a shapeless mound

and melts me

so i can slink through the earth

and whisper to the roots and the seeds

waiting for my call

"wake up

now is the time to bloom"  

Attribute: Photo by Xiaolong Wong on Unsplash

Notes on the poem: Snow flurries ruffled the air this morning. The snow didn't stick to the ground but it left a poem in my heart.