the hero's dilemma! free fantasy & sci-fi books in march

An assortment of free fantasy and sci-fi books based on the theme of moral dilemmas.

the hero's dilemma! free fantasy & sci-fi books in march
free fantasy & sci-fi books | 1-31 March only!

Isn't life full of choices and dilemmas? All the what-ifs and could-have-beens?

Does your character have to make a hard decision? Is there no right answer? Stuck between a rock and hard place? Does the story not pull its punches, but instead forces them to choose?

If you like stories like these, then check out the collection a group of us writers have put together. Novels and short stories. Samples including a few chapters. Entire ebooks. There's a wide assortment, and you'll surely find something to suit your taste.

The Hero’s Dilemma: fantasy and science fiction where the characters have to make hard choices!
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