At exactly 12:08 PM this afternoon, I wrote these words 'The End' on my WIP. My second book but my first ever novel! A tome of about 135,000 words.

I treated myself to a nice long walk in the snow and a long soak in a warm bath after that. And I also reached out to a proofreader to keep things in motion.

It's a surreal feeling. I had started working on this tome back in January 2019. It has taken two years to write this novel, but in truth, it has taken two years to even understand what it means to write a novel, how to set up a writing practice, and how to keep going. There were way more 'failures' than 'successes' along the way, but now I have the first draft ready. A few edits, some clean-up to ensure there are no gaping plot holes ... at least to the extent I can manage,  and onwards to the next project while working on publishing this dreamwork and putting it out there for the rest of the world to enjoy.