Tales for Dreamers

All Tales for Dreamers can be read here.

Tales for Dreamers

It must have been 2010 or early 2011. I was living in Singapore at the time. Every Saturday morning local time, I'd wake up and head straight over to Erin Morgenstern's blog to read the flax-golden tale she'd have posted on Friday morning EST.

Halfway across the world, I used to wait with great anticipation for her weekly serving of word whimsy and wonders, delighted with the gift of the week, and then spent much of the weekend feeling awed, as if magic had wrapped itself around me.

Inspired by her tales, I began to write my own in February 2013 (first at thedreampedlars.com before moving here for this is a solitary journey after all). It has since been a rather start-stop affair since, as we moved from Singapore to Canada to Australia and back to Canada, as I pursued higher studies, as little one D arrived in our world in the midst of it all, and as I published a novella and a novel.

These tales also went by many different names in their brief history. 'Tricks from my hat'. 'Tales for Demesne' for demesne was the online moniker of my significant other, KrA. Then it became 'Tales for D' after our little one, D, arrived! And now, it is reborn as 'Tales for Dreamers'. Demesne, D, Dreamers, Dream Pedlar - aren't I lucky all these begin with D!?

It's April 2021 now.

Yet again, I make a promise of putting out weekly words of whimsy. Every Friday (EST).

A picture and a story. A pairing of whimsy and wonder.

All Tales for Dreamers can be found here.