tales for dreamers: the ghosts are leaving

The ghosts are leaving. But when they're gone, who will haunt you?

tales for dreamers: the ghosts are leaving
tales for dreamers: the ghosts are leaving

The ghosts are leaving in hordes. 

They are gathering from all corners of the world, corners they’ve spent haunting for aeons, corners where people either learnt to co-exist with them or ran away from, leaving the unpredictable ghosts to their spooks and haunts.

Together, they’re making their way away from this world.

If you ask them where they’re off to, they’d look vexed, because they don’t really know. But your question will only make them want to get away from here faster.

If you ask them why they’re leaving, some may pause briefly to answer your question.

“It’s not safe here, anymore,” a little one says. It’s a new ghost, not yet accustomed to the ways of ghosts, let alone that of humans. It doesn’t know fear yet. 

“Why not?” you ask.

“I don’t know,” the ghost shrugs, stumbling a little as its guardian pulls it along in a terrible hurry to get away from this world, from you.

“Who will scare us then if you leave?” you persist.

The guardian-ghost whispers something to the little one. The little one then turns to you and giggles, “Mommy says you’ve got demons in your own minds for that. You don’t really need us anymore.”