buy direct and support authors!

my new e-bookstore, and sharing a promo running throughout May

buy direct and support authors!
Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

May has officially begun! We're having a wonderfully foggy morning, giving me the perfect excuse to not do anything remotely work-related and muddle about in brain fog instead.

Just kidding. I love my work, and having just gotten out of a phase of burnout, I feel like I'm ready to go-go-go all over again!

Many of you know I've recently just set up my PayHip store. Dream Pedlar Books! Check it out here! 🥳

To celebrate this, I've teamed up with a number of other fantasy and sci-fi authors who also have their own independent stores and are running discounts on their store for the entire month of May!

Sci-fi and Fantasy books Direct from the author!
Support Your Favorite Fantasy and Science Fiction Authors Directly and Save!

Check it out! Maybe you'll find a new author, or one whose works you already know and love and wish to read more of.

Buying direct from authors is sort of like supporting a small business. I have nothing against large corporations — they provide employment to thousands of people and are much needed to keep our economy going.

Alongside, we also have small businesses looking to offer something different, something that may absolutely blow your mind, yet something that may not be for all. And if you'd like to support that, the above promo is one way of doing it. Take a look!