About The Dream Pedlar

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Hello, Dreamer!

Thank you for stopping by.

I'm Anitha, and I write speculative fiction and poetry.

I live in Burlington, Ontario with my husband, referred to as KrA in my blog posts, and our cherished little one who goes by D on the site.

My days are filled with juggling writing and parenting. I've spent years wondering if balance and contentment were something I dared to desire in my life, so statistically improbable they had consistently proven to be.

In fact, for the first three and a half decades of my life (long before D came along), I bumbled along with little clue as to what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be and believing happiness lay in being someone else and somewhere else, doing something else.

Then D came along and gave me the burning desire to be the kind of person who is true to herself and sets out to achieve the dreams she dares to dream.

And so it happened that after decades of nursing a desire to write for a living and not once believing I could, I wrote and self-published my first book during the first eighteen months of D's life.

My debut novella, In Search of Leo, explores the gamut of emotions that grief and loss can stir.

My latest novel, Dying Wishes, is a contemporary fantasy novel set in Burlington and weaves Hindu mythology and South Indian folklore into a quest for belonging across different worlds – the World of Mortals and the World of Gods, India and Canada, the past and the present, the world outside and the one within.

Since then I have published a book of poetry and have several other works on their way to publication. You can find all of my published works here.

Every Friday morning, I post an image and a short story of 10 sentences or so to go with it (keeping my definition of 'sentence' as fluid as possible). You can find these tagged as 'Tales for Dreamers'.

Every day, I post a short poem on Instagram. I began this on the day I turned 15,000 days old.

In these past few years of writing and parenting, I've come to find, over and over again, that when I remain in the present moment without being dragged towards the past (best forgotten but thoroughly rehashed in my mind) or the future (just as exciting or nerve-wracking as I imagine it would be), magic truly happens.

Just like everything else in life, writing and parenting are then no longer filled with strife and doubt and anxiety. Instead, everything becomes effortless and immensely joyful.

Thank you for visiting. Now that you are here, I hope you will stay.

Stay for a while. Or stay for a little longer. Long enough to lose yourself in a dream.